max_loves_fax's Journal

Max Ride
Name: Max Ride
Age: 16
Grade: Sophmore (10th)
Sexuality: Female
Personaility: She is very VERY carin g and helpful. Can't stand to see someone in trouble without going to try and help them out. When a situation occurs, she tends to take control as a leader of sorts rather than following someone else's instructions.
Journal: this should be your character's journal. If you want to post it after your characters been accepted that is fine.
Brief Biography: Max was born without ever knowing her family or much about her family. She was immedietly put into an orphanage where she met friends whom she eventually would concider family but there was one boy she loved. His name was Fang and they got together after she was able to move into the dorms of the school so that she no longer had to lean on the orphanage for help.
Picture//Puppet: Emily Perkins